Soak: Kingdom Encounter

Date: 08/18/2017

Capacity: Available

It is distinct: the fragrance after a slow, steady, soaking rain. The way the earth bubbles with each step of your foot. Subsequent rains run off the surface of saturated soil. The sun comes out and each drop of moisture still clinging to leaves glistens with the hope of promised growth. We've all experienced soaking in the natural. We've all craves soaking in the supernatural. Sister, this is your invitation to SOAK.

Bear Trap is honored to host this women's event, with teaching from Judy Garner and Tara Aguirre of Polished Arrows Ministry, and worship led by prophetic psalmist Lisa Marie Swanson. 

You can expect:

* A relaxed schedule with time to recharge. Whether it's hammocking, hiking or conversation over coffee, the choice is yours.

*Soaking in worship sessions. How better to sit in attentiveness to the Spirit of God than by worshipping at His feet. Enjoy beautiful and relaxed times of worship led by Lisa Marie Swanson.

*Biblically sound exhortation for your strengthening. Ministry time is led by Judy Garner and Tara Aguirre of Polished Arrows Ministry. 

*Individual prophetic ministry opportunities. Teams of prophetic ministers will be available for private appointment during scheduled free time.

Dates: August 18th-20th 2017 (Friday supper through Sunday lunch)

Registration: $195.00 per person (includes accommodation, meals, and teaching materials)

Please download the Soak Brochure for more information, and for details on how to register. 

Soak Brochure 2017 Soak Brochure 2017 (2044 KB)

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